the amphitheater plays a role in the 2016 SITE Santa Fe Biennial

Curators of the SITE Santa Fe Biennial, much wider than a line, emphasizing art of the Americas, chose the Paolo Soleri Amphitheater to introduce and exemplify the exhibition themes, indigenous understandings, vernacular strategies, and shared territories.  The gallery devoted to the amphitheater fronts the exhibition and provides, with its curved bench arcing into the space a “plaza” where visitors may rest and relax.  The gallery, conceived and designed by architect Conrad Skinner, this blog’s author ,contains numerous points of access to the amphitheater’s history;  a wall-size photo mural, facsimiles of Paolo Soleri’s sketches and renderings,  text excerpts from Rolland Meinholtz’s Notes on Indian Theater and Practice, a slideshow of the the amphitheater’s construction, a booklet of early plays by IAIA graduates and a micaceous clay model by Santa Clara Pueblo artist Eliza Naranjo-Morse.  The Biennial opened on July 15, 2016 and closes January 8, 2017.



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