Published works

     Books and journals

Kent R. Brown,  “Opening on the American Scene:  A Native American Theater Ensemble”,  Journal of American Indian Education,  Vol. 13. Number 1.  October 1973.

Ryan Flahive, ed. Celebrating Difference, Fifty Years of Contemporary Native Arts at IAIA, 1962-2012,  Santa Fe, Sunstone Press, 2012.

Hanay Geioghama and Jaye T. Darby, editors,  Stories of Our Way,  Los Angeles, University of California Press,  1999.

Joy L. Gritton, The Institute of American Indian Arts: Modernism and U.S Indian Policy, Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press,  2000.

Peter Nabokov and Robert Easton,   Native American Architecture,  New York, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1989.

Alphonso Ortiz, The Tewa Way, Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 1969.

Christy Stanlake, Native American Theater:  A Critical Perspective, Cambridge. Cambridge University Press,  2009.

Mary Hopkins Streuver, Loloma, Santa Fe,  Wheelwright Museum, 2005.

United States Government, Department of Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1980 Hearing:  Subcomittee of the Committee on Appropriations  House of Representatives.

S. E. Wilner,  Native American Performance and Presentation, Tucson, University of Arizona Press,  2011.


Chris Wells,  “Paolo Soleri Amphitheater Has Cultural Story To Tell”,  The New Mexican  August 14, 2010

Bruce King, playwright, IAIA graduate, ex-IAIA instructor,  “Paolo Soleri’s Real Purpose Never Realized”,  The New Mexican, June 12, 2010.

     Online publications and resources

Arcosanti Website  http://www.arcosanti.org

Mark Bahti in the Ganoskin Project.  http://www.ganoksin.com/borisat/nenam/charles-loloma.htm

Unpublished material

     Archival Resources

Arcosanti Foundation Archive. (Non-profit foundation founded by Paolo Soleri)  Cordes Junction, Arizona.

Paolo Soleri Sketchbook 05, 1965, 1966.

Architectural drawings, 1966.

Archived photographs 1966.

Institute of American Indian Arts Archive. Santa Fe, NM.

Ryan Flahive, ed.  The IAIA History Reader. CD-ROM, Santa Fe, 2011.

Lloyd H. New, Using Cultural Difference as a Basis for Creative Expression”,  Institute of American Indian Arts  Department of the Interior. Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Santa Fe, New Mexico, ca. 1965.

“The Institute of American Indian Arts. A Basic Statement of Purpose”, IAIA. .

Lloyd H. New, “The Role of the Institute of American Indian arts in the Development of Indian Education and its Potential as a Major Cultural Institution”,  Submitted to the Special Sub-committee on Indian Education,  United States Senate,  Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, Santa Fe, IAIA  February 1969.

“Rationale for a Major Cultural Extension Institution for American Indians”.  Lloyd Kiva New. June 8,

Lloyd H. New,  “Institute of American Indian Arts. Basic Statement”,   September 16, 1966.

David L. Patrick and Sidney W. Little. An Exploratory Workshop in Art for Talented Younger Indians. Presented to the Rockefeller Foundation. October `15, 1959.  University of Arizona.  (Lloyd New, Co-Director).

“Credo for American Indian Theater”,  Lloyd H. New,  Santa Fe, 1969.

“Notes on Indian Theater and Practice”,  IAIA,  Santa Fe,  1968, 1969.

“Prospectus for Outdoor Theater Bowl”, IAIA Staff, Santa Fe, Undated.

“Outdoor Theater Bowl Classroom”, IAIA Staff,  Santa Fe,  Undated.

Miscellaneous correspondence of and concerning Lloyd H. New.

Pacheco and Graham  Architects Archive.  Zimmerman Library,  University of New Mexico Special Collections,  Albuquerque, NM.

Bureau of Indian Affairs correspondence.

Channell Graham correspondence.

Paolo Soleri corespondence.

Miscellaneous correspondence concerning the amphitheater’s construction.

Schedules and construction reports.

Interviews and conversations

Mark Bahti, Indian art dealer, phone conversation, 2010.

Douglas Cardinal,  Architect, National Museum of the American Indian,  phone interview, 2012.

Charles Dailey,  former IAIA English instructor and archivist,  phone interview, 2012.

Ryan Flahive, IAIA Archivist, conversations, 2010, 2011, 2012.

Channell Graham, Paolo Soleri Amphitheater executive architect in New Mexico,  phone interview,  2011.

Joy Harjo, IAIA graduate, Native American Theater Ensemble member,  poet, playwright, musician,  phone interview, 2011.

Rosalie Jones, dancer, choreographer, University of Utah and Julliard School graduate, IAIA former facutly, University of Trent (Ontario) faculty,  phone interview.  2011.

Bruce King, I AIA graduate, Native American Theater Ensemble member, founder of Echohawk Theater, Chicago, playwright,   Phone conversations,  conversation in person, 2011.

Doug Lee, Architect, Cosanti project manager on Paolo Soleri Amphitheater, phone interviews, 2010, 2012.

James McGrath, artist, poet, ex-IAIA faculty, phone interview, 2010.

Rolland Meinholtz, dramatist, ex-IAIA instructor, phone interview and email correspondence, 2010-2011.

Robert Shorty, IAIA graduate, Native American Theater Ensemble member, playwright, sculptor,  phone conversation, 2013.

Paolo Soleri interview.  October 18, 2010.

Jeff Stein, Arcosanti President, phone interview, 2011.

RuthClaire Weintraub, ex-Cosanti intern,  phone communication,  2011-2012.

Don Yoshino, Architect, Cosanti intern on Paolo Soleri Amphitheater construction, phone interview, 2010.

Alfred Young Man, PhD., Artist, Educator, IAIA graduate,  phone interview, September 6, 2011.


Author’s correspondence

Rosalie Jones, email, February 6, 2011.

Rolland Meinholtz, email correspondence. 2010-2011.

Jeff Stein email. 2012

RuthClaire Weintraub, email correspondence. 2010,2011, 2012.


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