to these people and organizations who generously offered their time, recollections and information for this study.

Cosanti Foundation 

Paolo Soleri, Architect, Founder, former President

Tomiaki Tamura, Director, Paolo Soleri Archive

Sue Anaya, Archivist

Mary Hoadley,  Director

Jeff Stein,  President

Mark Bahti

     Author.  Dealer in American Indian Art.

Ryan Flahive

     IAIA Archivist

Channell Graham

     Architect.  Executive architect for the Paolo Soleri Amphitheater

Joy Harjo

    Poet, Author, Musician. IAIA alumna

Rosalie Jones / Daystar

     Choreographer, Dancer, former IAIA instructor

Bruce King

     Author, Actor, Artist. IAIA alumnus, former IAIA instructor

Doug Lee

     Architect.  Paolo Soleri Amphitheater Project Manager for Cosanti

Chester Liebs

Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Conservation at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.  Professor Emeritus, University of Vermont, Ex Chair Division of Historic Preservation, Columbia University School of Architecture

 James McGrath

     Poet, former IAIA instructor

Rolland Meinholtz

     Actor, Educator, former IAIA drama instructor

RuthClaire Weintraub

     Former Cosanti apprentice

Don Yoshino

     Architect.  former Cosanti apprentice

Alfred Young Man, PhD.  Artist, Educator.

     IAIA alumnus.  Professor Emeritus, University of Lethbridge, University of Regina.


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